Wanna join a club or a sport? Then here's where you can find all of the clubs and sports available at Degrassi Community! Contact me if you wish to add sports or clubs to the list.


Chess ClubEdit

Do you love to play Chess? Then here's the place to go.

Go Green ClubEdit

Help make not only your community but other communities a better place. Go Green Today!

Beta Club*Edit

This club recognizes the students that go above and beyond in school. Students must have at least a 3.4 GPA, with no suspensions and/or expulsions from previous schools.

Student CouncilEdit

Wanna make a change in the school? Do you feel you need to be the voice of those who aren't represented. Then join the Student Council today!

Degrassi Mentors*Edit

Do you want to help underclassmen so their high school experience is much calmer and easier? Then here's the place to be!

Celibacy ClubEdit

This Christian-ran club is for students who wish to stay celibate. They also have bible study and hold fun yet celibate events during their club meetings.

Degrassi BrainiacsEdit

This club is calling all of the Brainaics of the school. This is the academic decathlon team for Degrassi Community. Join now, if you have the brains.


  • Football
  • Basketball*
  • Soccer*
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Cheerleading
  • Rugby


  • You cannot join the Beta Club, the Beta Club recruits members. You have to be at least a junior to join.
  • Degrassi Mentors must be at least junior, from the ages 16.5-18.
  • There is a boys basketball team and a girl basketball team.
  • For Soccer you can join either the boys soccer team, the girls soccer team or the co-ed soccer team.