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Do you want to get your character approved? Well here's the place to do it. To start, type in the character's first and last name below and click "Add new topic." You can get ONLY ONE character approved at a time. Please ask me before you try to approve a second one. Be sure that you have the following in the character approval form:









Home Life:

Extra: (only if you left out information that doesn't belong in anything else)

If your character was from the Character Adoption, please specify somehow. (I'm one of Drew's Twin or I'm one of Holly J's girls etc.)

Once your character gets approved, please make a Character page. To create a character page, go to the top of the page where it says "Contribute" and click "Add Page".

Here's the Template for Character Infobox:

Template:Infobox character

Copy that template and add it to the new page you are creating. Notice how there's a category that says image, just type in the name of the image file(example:ally.jpg).

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