Here is where you can pick students that have parents that are alumni of Degrassi. We don't have every character, so therefore if you'd like to make a suggestion please contact me via on my talk page. All I'll offer is the parents, you yourself will have to create the character. Don't just say "I wanna be Drew and Katie's daughter" because you will not get the part. If an option is crossed out (For Example: Like so), that means the part is taken and it's not currently available. After you have decided who you wanted to make a character for, visit the Character Approval page to get the character approved.


Drew & Katie

-Girl (Grade 11)

-Twin Boys (Grade 9)

Bianca & Mark*

-Girl (Grade 10)

Alli & Dave

-Girl (Grade 11)

-Boy and Girl Twins (Grade 10)

Clare & Connor: (currently together)

-Girl (Grade 11)

-Boy (Grade 9)

Clare & Jake: (relationship ended, kid currently lives with Jake)

Boy (Grade 11)

Emma & Spinner

Boy (Grade 11)

Girl (Grade 10)

Holly J. & Blue

Girl (Grade 9)*

Girl (Grade 9)

Hazel & Shahan*

-Girl (Grade 11)

-Girl (Grade 10)

-Boy (Grade 10)*

Mia* & Peter

-Twin Boy and Girl (Grade 11)

-Girl (Grade 9)

Toby & Delilah*

-Boy (Grade 10)

Ellie & Craig

-Twin Boy and Girl (Grade 10)


  • Mark is an OC (original character) that meets Bianca after she graduates from Degrassi.
  • Shahan is an OC that met Hazel after Hazel graduates from Degrassi.
  • Toby meets Delilah (an OC) after he graduates from college.
  • Holly. J was raped while she was still pregnant with her daughter that she conceived from Blue. She got pregnant again and the other daughter does not know that Blue is NOT her father.
  • Hazel's only son had skipped a grade.
  • Mia and Peter are no longer together (as a couple), Mia went back to Paris and the kids live with Peter because Mia couldn't afford to take all three to Paris and doesn't want to spoil the kids with the "good life".