Alli Turner
Character Information
Full name Alliah Turner
Gender Female
Race Indian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height approximately 5'0
Weight unknown
Grade Alumni of Degrassi
Family Wife of Dave Turner

Mother of 3

Sister of Sav Bhandari

Aliases Alli (by everyone)

Mom (by children)

Relationship Status Married to Dave


During high school, Alli Bhandari was very rebellious and determined, landing herself in many difficult and drastic situations. After her parents were made aware of her former ways by her extremely thick permanent record, she realized she needed to change her life for the better. After running away from home, she and her family became close again, determined to change. Despite turning over a new leaf, Alli still had a bad habit of making mistakes. After high school, however, Alli matured and grew into a very mature young woman. She herself can be a little strict on her children because she herself does not want them to grow up the way she did. She loves her children and Dave very much.


Click here to find out Alli's school history. After Alli graduated high school she attended the University of Toronto (with her soon to be husband Dave) to major in engeering and physics. After graduating from the universtiy, Alli became an Aerospace Engieer (designing and devolping machines like airplains, military fighter jets and space telescope) and married Dave shortly after.